When Business Owners Divorce

Marriage partners, who are also business partners, have special challenges that other divorcing couples don't have. Not only do they have to dissolve a marriage, divide marital assets, allocate responsibility for marital debts and make support arrangements, they could also have to address issues involving the ownership structure of their business, the valuation of their business, employee-related concerns, customer concerns and business planning for the future.

This Special Report outlines the unique issues the could face a small business owner who is getting a divorce. It will help you plan a step-by-step action plan to handle all of the small business issues you could face during a divorce, along with thoughts and ideas for handling those issues.

Inside this Report you will find tips and information about divorce and small business as it relates to:

  • Business Owner Code of Divorce Conduct
  • Source of Income
  • Taxes
  • Valuation
  • The Valuation Expert Witness
  • State Law and the Value of Your Business
  • Documents You Need
  • Games Business Owners Play
  • Planning Before a Divorce
  • Division of a Business Interest
  • Miscellaneous TidBits

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