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It is getting more popular to file your own uncontested divorce.  No one wants to spend thousands on an attorney if you can do file your divorce on your own?  Now days, most of the divorces filed across the country are done without an attorney, so the courts are very used to processing divorces from people filing in Pro Per, meaning that they are filing without an attorney. 

If you have an uncontested divorce, the process for filing a divorce is really quite simple, even if the whereabouts of your spouse is unknown.  SmartDivorce helps people wanting to file their own divorce, and helps them get it done without having any problems.  We understand the court system and have the experience to prepare your divorce forms so that the clerk of the court will accept your divorce filing, and more importantly, so that the Judge will sign the final divorce decree to finalize your divorce

At smartDivorce, we simplify the process of filing for divorce.  Your divorce doesn't have to be a tedious and expensive process.  We hand prepare your divorce documents and send them to your ready to sign and file with the court.

We have revolutionalized the process of filing your uncontested divorce.  We make it simple and affordable.  Starting with a simple to use divorce questionnaire on our website.  Once you submit your order to us, our staff will review the information included in your questionnaire and a divorce specialist will prepare your divorce documents ready to sign and file.

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Simple 3- Step Process

File divorce online

We have worked to simply the divorce process and make divorce affordable.  You can get your divorce started in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:  Complete our online questionnaire.  The information in our questionnaire provides our divorce department the information that they need to prepare your divorce forms.

Step 2:  Review and Sign.  When we send the divorce documents to you, they will be ready to sign and file with the court.  The documents will come with full instructions, but our support team is always just a phone call away.

Step 3:  File with the Court.  After you have signed the divorce documents where indicated, the documents can be filed with the court to get the divorce process started.  We will include all the court information, including the address and phone number.

Affordable Divorce Documents

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Our main mission is to provide you with professional quality divorce documents that will be approved by every court.  We also want to make sure that our service is affordable to everyone.

While other online companies use computer programs to automatically generate divorce forms, we understand that every customer is different and they have their own unique situations.  This is something that can only be done with human intervention.  That is why we take the time and care to have a divorce specialists personally review your information and prepare your divorce documents specifically for you.

You can trust the team at smartDivorce to prepare your divorce documents right the first time.

SmartDivorce helps you file your own divorce - Guaranteed.

You want to file your own divorce, but you have questions and concerns.  In reality, you should have questions and it only makes sense to have some concerns.  The biggest issue is getting into the process of starting the divorce, only to have to spend money on an attorney anyway.  This is a big concern to many people, and we understand.  This is why we guarantee our divorce forms and we have a support department that stays with you through the entire divorce process.  Another great advantage of using SmartDivorce is that each document is carefully prepared for you by our divorce specialists.  Many other companies online provide instant divorce forms generated by a computer program.  We don't see how your can get documents that are tailored to your specific situation when completed by a computer system.  Our team reviews your information and prepares your divorce documents specific to your situation, removing documents you don't need, or adding special documents that you may need for some unusual circumstance.  Getting the highest quality documents and the support throughout the process is what will make the process of filing for divorce much easier.

Every divorce package includes the documents that you need for your specific situation and for your specific court.  If you have property and debts, then we will include the documents required to handle the distribution of marital property.  If your divorce involves minor children, then we will include all the provisions to handle the custody and support of the children.  Having confidence that you have everything you need when you get to the court will reduce the stress level of starting the divorce process.

Full detailed instuctions and a support team makes all the difference.  When it comes right down to it, the divorce process isn't very difficult, but neither is baking cookies, unless you have never done it.  Then it can be overwhelming.  Just like cooking, if you have someone there to guide you through each step, then you can get through the process with ease.  That is what we do as SmartDivorce.  We stay with you throug the entire process to make sure that you complete your divorce.

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  • M. Saunders
  • Chicago, Illinois

My divorce was completed yesterday. I wanted to send you a letter and let you know how much I appreciate your service. The Judge complemented me on being prepared. I could have never afforded a divorce lawyer, he wanted to charge me $2,500 to start the case. Your staff was awesome. Thanks so much for all the help you gave me.

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Our divorce forms have been used by thousands of people in Courts across the country. From small towns to the largest cities, our documents will be approved by your local court.

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Our support staff is knowledgable and ready to help you complete your divorce. We stay with you until your divorce is final.

100% Court Acceptance Guarantee

We back our service by a 100% Money-Back Court Acceptance Guarantee. See our guarantee page for details.

Divorce Papers valid in all 50 States.

Divorce forms for the do-it-yourself divorce
Affordable Divorce Forms

You can now get a divorce without having to pay thousands to a local divorce lawyer. Professsional divorce documents and support.


Child custody and child support documents
Child Custody and Support Documents

Our divorce documents include a separation agreement and all the forms required for child custody, child support and property division.


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Professional Divorce Specialists

Each divorce form is prepared by an experienced divorce specialists. Backed by 100% court acceptance guarantee.


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Jonathan S.


"...I wasn't sure whether you could handle all the difficult issues in my divorce, but it all went through without a problem.  You guys really know what you're doing.  Thanks so much for all the help.  I saved money and you made the process easy for me to complete."

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Kristen P.


"You are welcome to use me as a testimonial.  Your service was awesome!  I was so happy when the divorce was final.  Your support was quick and professional.  I will recommed you to whomever I know."

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Brenda M.

New York

"Thank you for your help.  My divorce was completed in just over 30 days.  Your support staff was really helpful and everything went without any problems.  I am so glad that I found your company.  Thanks again Smart Divorce.

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