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Courts across the U.S. are always changing and updating their divorce forms. This is why it's so important to file documents that are current and drafted specifically pursuant to your local court rules. SmartDivorce forms are accepted in every Court in the nation. We take pride in making sure you receive the highest quality divorce forms available.

You can save thousands over what a typcal divorce attorney will charge. Now you can file your own divorce and have the same professional divorce forms that you might find from your local attorney.  Join the thousands who file their own divorce!

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Divorce services

Court approved divorce forms

The divorce forms we prepare for you will be complete and ready to sign and file with your local court. We review the information you put into our questionnaire to make sure that the documents are prepared specifically for your situation.

Settlement Agreement

Many people want to include a marital separation agreement, also known as a settlement agreement, to handle the distribution of your marital assets and debts, handle health insurance issues, and many other items. Your documents will include a marital settlement agreement.

Child custody, support and visitation

If you have minor children, then your divorce forms are required to handle the issues regarding the custody and support of those children. Our documents are prepared to include all the provisions for custody and support, including visitation schedules, insurance and all the other custody issues involving minor children of the marriage.

Property and debt settlement

If you have marital property and debt that you need to distribute in the divorce documents, we will include the division in the forms we prepare for you. Simply include this information in the property section of our online divorce questionnaire and our divorce specialists will make sure that these provisions are included in your divorce forms.

Marriage Arbitration and Mediation

If you have certain issues in your divorce that you cannot resolve with your spouse, marriage mediation and arbitration services are available. This will help you resolve your matters in a fair and unbiased manner.

Divorce Forms specific to every local Court

Did you know that divorce forms in one city may be different from the next city over. We make sure that the divorce forms you receive are up-to-date and meet the local requirements of the court in your County.

Divorce Forms prepared by a Divorce Specialists

We don't believe that instant computer generated divorce forms can ever produce the specialized forms that you need for filing with the court. You need divorce forms that are prepared by a divorce specialists who personally reviews your case information and prepares your divorce forms specific to your situation. SmartDivorce never uses automated divorce software to instantly produce generic forms. Our forms are carefully prepared for you by a divorce specialists.

Save thousands over a divorce attorney

Most divorces in the U.S. are filed without an attorney. People understand they don't have to pay thousands to a divorce attorney to complete their uncontested divorce.  Divorce forms are now available to the public, prepared for them by a dedicated divorce specialists. If you have an uncontested divorce, you don't have to spend thousands on a divorce attorney to complete your divorce. SmartDivorce will prepare your divorce forms for you ready to sign and file with the court.

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More Divorce Information

Where to File

You will file your divorce forms in the County where you or your spouse presently reside. If you have minor children, then you will be required to file in the County where the children reside because this is the only court that has jurisdiction over the children.

If you are presently in the active military, you can the option to file your divorce in your military home-state of record. The divorce papers you receive from us will include the information on which court to file your divorce.


Marital property can consist of homes, vehicles, investment accounts, retirement accounts, businesses, household furnishings and other items. If you own marital property, our online divorce questionnaire will provide a space for you to indicate who will be receiving the certain items of property. We can handle all types of distribution. Sometimes a couple will want to keep the home in both names and sell at a later time - we can handle this. However you want to split your property, we will be able to incorporate that into your divorce papers.


If you have minor children of the marriage, your documents will include all the forms and orders to handle the child custody issues. Whether you want joint or sole custody, equal visitaion or no visitation, we will prepare the divorce papers to accurately reflect how you want to handle the custody of your children.

Child custody forms handle more than just support and visitation. We include secondary parenting, insurance issues, travel, and many other aspects of child custody in the child custody forms we prepare for you.


Support typically comes in two forms. There can be child support and there can be spousal support (also known as alimony). If your case is requesting spousal support, or alimony, we will include the request for the spousal support and the orders that the Judge will sign awarding the support.

Military Divorce

It is a common misconception that there is a certain divorce called a "military divorce". Actually, the divorce for military personnel is the same as for civilians. Certain aspects of a divorce for military can be different when it comes to support or the division of retirement pay, but the rest of the divorce is the same. Any certain military clauses which are required to be included in your divorce papers will be added to make sure you are receiving a legal military divorce.


Annulments can only be obtained if you meet certain grounds, or if you weren't legally able to get married due to age. You can't get an annulment just because you believe you made a mistake in your marriage and want to remove it from happening. Typically, the court will approve an annulment if some type of fraud occured. An example would be someone marring you to gain citizenship, or in certain cases, not divulging certain religious view points. We have completed many annulments and if your grounds are sufficient, we can help you file for an annulment.

Divorce in all 50 States

Divorce Forms valid in all 50 States.

Affordable Divorce Forms

You can now file for your divorce without having to pay thousands to a local divorce lawyer. Professsional divorce documents and excellent customer support.


Child Custody and Support Documents

Our divorce documents include a separation agreement and all the forms required for child custody, child support and property division.


Professional Divorce Specialists

Each divorce form is prepared by an experienced divorce specialists. Backed by 100% court acceptance guarantee.