Child custody and child support.

Divorce with Children.

We understand that you want the best for your children. 

We are often asked whether a person can file a divorce with children when they are not using an attorney.  The truth is that a divorce with children isn't that much different than a divorce without children.  When you have children in a divorce situation, there are certain documents that the court will require in order to complete the divorce, but as long as you have these documents, and they are prepared correctly, then completing a divorce when you have minor children is fairly simple.

At smartDivorce, we make sure that you can easily complete your divorce when you have minor children.  We understandt the importance of making sure that every single issue relating to the children are addressed.  We help with this.  Whether it is deciding where the children go to school, or who pays for the insurance, we make sure every detail is considered and included in the divorce forms.  The additional documents that you will need, such as a parenting plan, child custody orders and child support orders, will all be included.  Even if the parents decide they don't want any child support ordered right now, we can handle this.

Making your divorce process simple is our main concern.  It starts by having a full set of divorce forms that are correct and prepared for whatever particular requirements that your local court might have.  Attention to detail is what makes the difference in making the divorce simple, especially when children are involved.

  • Legal and Sole legal custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Child support calulations
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Parenting Plans
  • Special custody provisions

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Child custody documents and child support documents

Divorce with child custody and support

Child support documents and child custody documents

The most important aspect of your divorce is in regards to your children. Although the Judge and the Court may have your best interest at heart, they can never know the special needs that your children have.  You are the best person to determine what is best for your children.  The parents typically know what custody and visitation arrangement is best for the children.  You know whether child support calculations needs to be handled, or whether no child support should be ordered.  We help you through the process.

We know how important it is to you to have the custody part of your divorce documents prepared with the utmost care.  It is also important for you to make sure that you understand the types of custody so you can be assured that we prepare the documents correctly.  We will personally review the information you put into our questionnaire and will prepare the child custody documents to reflect how you want to handle the issues of child custody and child support.  If we have any questions, someone in our divorce department will contact you and discuss these provisions.

In some cases, it is best for the children to have equal time with both parents.  Sometimes it is best for one parent to have some type of limited parenting time with the children.  Whatever your situation is, we will make sure that the divorce documents are prepared to handle the custody of your children the way you feel is best.

Custody and support takes more into effect than visitation schedules and support.  A full parenting plan will outline who makes the decisions regarding the children, how insurance is handled, when the children can leave the State, visitation by relatives, hospital treatment, dispute resolution, and many other factors.  We will make sure that all of these issues are outlined in the parenting plan that we include with your divorce documents.

Types of child custody

Divorce with children and child custody documents

Custody is broken down into legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody will determine who will make the major decisions regarding the minor children.  This can be equal between the parents, or one parent can have sole legal custody, meaning that they have the ability to have the final say in all the decisions regarding the minor children.  Physical custody determines where the children reside.

Physical custody outlines when the children will reside with each parent, and who will be the primary residential parent.  Our documents will outline the visitation schedule for the parenting time of each parent.  This will include a schedule for when the children are in school, and one for the summer vacation time.  It will also outline who gets the children on all the major holidays.  One thing to keep in mind is that the parents always know what is best and the parents can always do whatever they want when it comes to parental visitation time, as long as they both agree.  The only time you will go according to the visitation schedule is in the event that you don't agree on the parenting time.  In this situation, you will have visitation according to the times outlined in the parenting plan.

Legal custody is what parents refer to the most.  They are used to the term "joint custody" and "sole custody".  Legal custody refers to the decision making process, not parenting time.  For instance, one parent can have sole legal custody and the parents can still have joint physical custody, meaning one parent makes all the decisions regarding he child, but they each the right to have visitation with the children.

Our staff will review how you want to handle the child custody and visitation, and will prepare your divorce forms accordingly.  The issue is making sure that the details of custody and support are correctly outlined in your documents.  This will make is easier for the Judge to know your intensions.

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